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Vegies and Herbs, Nuts, Citrus and Pome Fruits
We’ve planted a wide variety of fruit and nut trees in four small orchards, including areas on the terraced slopes where we have started to ‘espalier’ apple trees. We now have around 80 Citrus trees, 60 Apples and Pears and 40 Stone Fruit as well as a couple of Chestnuts and a handful of Almonds and Hazel Nuts.

Value Added Products
We value add our grown-on-farm produce by making a range of Certified Organic and superbly delicious preserves for sale that use our produce as the key ingredient. The range includes a variety of delicious organic Citrus Marmalades, Fruit Jams, Sauces, Chutneys, Pickles and Preserves. Whilst we are priveliged to have access to local




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