Grand Ridge Organics is a certified organic farm in West Gippsland, in the heart of the Strzelecki Ranges. We grow seasonal, fresh, high quality and good value organic produce with as few steps as possible from the producer to the consumer.

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                  Citrus Crops in October 2016      Garlic Crop Main Garden 2013

What we Grow


Our daffodils bloom very early in June and July. The farm looks magnificent with large rows of ‘Magnifique’s’ which we sell direct to florists and green grocers in Melbourne…

We grow everything using organic, bio-dynamic and natural farming practices and have recently achieved organic certification with National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia [NASAA].We have a staged process for when we plant and harvest our produce.

How we grow

Our aim is to give back to the earth more than we take, leaving more for future generations. We know healthy ecosystems have abundant life; happy animals produce good food and all life forms deserve a good quality of life, without disease, pain or discomfort and with dignity in death.

Our Philosophy

a little about..

Who we are

We are Rosemary Cousin and Richard Nankin.


About Richy

Since his teenage years Richy has been concerned about environmental issues and interested in renewable energy technology. After finishing high school in 1973 he spent much of the 1970’s and 80’s active in the then fledgeling environment movement and was a founding member of Friends Of the Earth in Australia in 1974. Having a lifelong desire to learn new skills, Richy has become a “Jack of All Trades” which is very useful for managing a farm! He has spent time working in the building industry, in factories, in the motor trade and as a cook . He has managed other organic farms as well as running his own business.

About Rosie

Rosie is an urban and regional planner by profession who has worked at each level of Government in Australia. She wants to see government policies for sustainable agriculture and food production accompany all growth plans for towns and cities. “The outward spread of Melbourne is transforming some of our richest farmland into roads and houses, making us all more reliant on imported and often inferior quality food. A renewed focus on sustaining Australian farms and agricultural and horticultural productivity is needed.”

Rosie describes what she and Richy are doing as ‘seed changing’

 “Demographers now identify ‘sea changers’ [retirees heading to the coast] and ‘tree changers’ [people seeking a natural environment in which to live] – We are “seed changers” – not hobby farmers, just ordinary people taking up land and turning or returning it to food production in harmony with the natural environment – for the love of quality food, healthy living and respect for nature.” 

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